07-46 Mixing Valves

Question: 07-46 Code Section: 7 Date: November 5th, 2007 OBC 2006 Reference: 7.6.5 Question: Attached, please find a new type of mixing valve. (Re: Honeywell AMX Series) Is it acceptable to use in a residential application? The specs show how easy it is to adjust temperature above 120F with an Allen wrench. Answer: Conforming to ASSE …

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04-51 Mixing valves

Question: 04-51 Code Section: Date: OBC Reference: Background: With the advent of the new Ontario Regulation 23/04, change to the Ontario Building Code, with regards mixing valves, I would like to obtain the opinion of your Association on an issue.  While the new regulation is quite clear that when a water heater is changed out, …

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