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These diagrams show accepted methods of installing plumbing systems for suds pressure zones and thermal expansion tanks:

The Ontario Concrete and Drain Contractors Association has been trying to have municipalities extend sewer laterals to 1.5 meters inside the property line for some time now. The OPIA has sent a letter of support to the OCDCA for this initiative. Anyone who has ever had to work in a deep trench to connect sewer and water can understand the reason for trying to have the current practice changed. The OCDCA has a sewer lateral drawing that shows a recommended way of installing sewer and water that makes the installation much safer.

Counterfeiting is a growing problem that must be stopped! CSA has published a White Paper titled The Threat of Counterfeit Product Approval Marks Warrants Aggresive Detection and Enforcement Action. CSA’s site has a number of articles on counterfeiting. If you do a search on Counterfeit Product, there are several other pages that you can visit to learn more about this problem and what you can do. Remember to look for the mark!

In an effort to see standard enforcement of Sentence of the Ontario Building Code, the Executive has developed a policy which recommends the installation of Master Thermostatic Water-Mixing Valves.

Hot Water Policy – PDF Format

The Ontario Backflow Prevention Committee has created a Model Backflow Prevention Bylaw and a Cover Letter that answers some questions on Cross Connection Programs. The Model Bylaw can serve as a starting point for those municipalities that are interested in starting a Cross Connection Program. Members of this Committee are also listed.

Cover Letter and Questions – PDF Format

Model Backflow Prevention Bylaw – PDF Format

There are many changes headed our way in the near future. The Ontario Building Code will be moving towards an Objective Based Code format and a long with the change in format will be subsantial revisions to Part 7, particularly in the current 7.5, Venting. Not only will inspectors require training, plumbers and apprentices will need to be retrained as well. The OPIA has sent a letter expressing our concerns that the need for training must become a high priority.


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World Plumbing Council

World Health Organization

National Research Council

Ministry of Environment

Mechanical Contractors Association of Ontario

Ontario Building Officials Association

Ontario Pipe Trades Council

Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating

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