Code of Ethics

The Ontario Plumbing Inspectors Association Inc. endorses that proper conduct, professional adequacy and moral principles are essential to ethical standards when enforcing the regulations, pertaining to Plumbing and applicable laws. Therefore, members of the Association shall:

a. exhibit rational and credible course of action in the performance of duty;
b. enforce Ontario’s Plumbing Regulations and applicable laws with competence and fairness:
c. ensure that the well-being of the public is not compromised by virtue of neglect, misuse of information or bias;
d. consider the health and safety aspects as they relate to the well-being of the public;
e. regard the importance of safety for the environment;
f. consider the responsibility towards the employer and act in proper and favourable manner in the discharge of official duties;
g. not accept remuneration or benefit pertaining to official duties from any person or company other than the employer;
h. only engage in tasks within the scope for which a competent level has been achieved through training and experience;
i. endeavour to advance through continued training and dialogue with colleagues and those who share common interest;
j. work towards the advancement of the Association and do such acts in favour of technical training and knowledge as best as possible;
k. be ethical in the performance of duties and act in such manner that will not injure the reputation of the Association or any member; and
l. encourage and assist members to maintain conduct agreeable to the ethical standards of the Association.

Every member of the Association must maintain and abide with the Association’s Code of Ethics as prescribed in Section 20.1.2. of the Association’s By-Laws.