04-37 Insta hot dispenser installed as a separate appliance

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If a kitchen or bar sink is supplied with 49 C (120 F) water to the faucet, this would meet the requirement of the new regulation. If an Insta hot dispenser is installed as a separate appliance on the side or back of the sink, would this appliance be permitted to deliver water at a temperature higher than 49 degree C (120 degree F)?

(On. Reg 403/97) states the maximum temperature of hot water supplied by fittings to fixtures in a residential occupancy shall not exceed 49 degrees C.

The committee found itself divided with their interpretations of the words in the above Sentence. In order to be able to accept such an installation some members considered the dispenser as the fixture thus not limited to the requirements of 49 degrees C however some others considered the dispenser as another faucet A that dispenses hot water over a fixture. The reason or intent for amending the code at this time was to limit and help prevent scalding. This appliance dispenses water at approximately 88 degrees C ( 190 degrees F) at the touch of the handle.

It would appear from the various interpretations that the Ministry should be providing an opinion and a clarification on the intent in the use of these A appliances. Since our purpose is to provide uniform interpretation and not to create confusion, I would prefer to err on the side of safety than to accept something on a judgement call.

P.S. If the dispenser was NOT discharging over a fixture i.e. coffee makers or espresso then I am
sure our concerns would be different.

Interpretation: Approved at AMES