11-02 HWT hub drain

Question: 11-02Code Section: 7Date: 19 January 2011OBC 2006 Reference:

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The Mechanical Engineer for our new Library designed the hub drains for the HWT overflows
in 4 locations to be placed in a shaft with an access door. Article seems to say this is a
no no. The Engineer claims he has done this many times. What are your thoughts?


Regardless of the engineers statement, states that “Indirect connections or any trap
that may overflow shall not be located in a crawl space or any other unfrequented area.”

The hub drain must be located in a frequented area as per code, but due to tight installations,
hub drains are often being located in cabinet kick spaces or under equipment.

Grocery store and restaurant hub drains under the refrigerated units are not in frequented
areas, but most covers are not sealed to the floor so one would see very soon that there is an