13-10 Concealed overflow

Question: 13-10Code Section: 7Date: 15 August 2013OBC 2006 Reference:

Question Submitted: We have a hotel being constructed here in my community and the plumber is wondering if the small bar sinks in the suites can have a concealed overflow. seems pretty clear, and these sinks are not intended for dishwashing or food preparation.

Interpretation: Although the sinks are installed in the individual rooms of the hotel and not in an area where food is traditionally prepared, served or dishes are cleaned, we are to use our experiences to determine what these sinks are for.

Room service is available at most hotels where food and drink is served to the client’s suite. These sinks are available for cleaning and rinsing of mugs, plates and glasses, these are things that are to be included when the term “dishwashing” is used.

Therefore, the Code Technical Committee unanimously agrees that NO, you cannot have a concealed overflow. Overflows when exposed to organics can harbor germs etc. and need to be removed for cleaning and sterilization. As much as it makes sense for the developer to prevent damage caused by an overflow of water, the hazard of bacteria growth is more relevant.