11-01 Manholes

Question: 11-01Code Section: 7Date: 18 January 2011OBC 2006 Reference:, (3), (5) and (6).

Question Submitted: Size and Spacing of Cleanouts Manholes Location of Cleanouts

At our branch meeting on December 16/10 a discussion concerning manholes being used for
a 6″ sanitary sewer was put forward. A manhole can be used because does not say it cannot
be installed that way; however, if manholes are used for piping less than 6″ do cleanouts need
to be installed in accordance with the code?

Our discussion could not come to a conclusion. That being said, we feel that cleanouts should
be used given the 90m between manholes is too excessive.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the South Central Branch by Pat Gallagher CBCO, CRBO


Additional cleanouts are not required if manholes are designed to be installed on drainage
piping which is less then 8″, as required by

The spacing requirements of manholes should be followed as per states the location of the first manhole that serves the building shall not exceed 30m
in developed length.

It should be noted that for cleaning purposes a manhole permits you to enter and use different
types of equipment for cleaning, rodding and inspection in both directions.

Cleanouts installed outside of building are subject to frost heaving and breaking.