04-48 Holy water receptacle and discharge

Question: 04-48Code Section: 7Date:OBC 2006 Reference:

Question submitted:

Some religious faiths claim that water that has been blessed (holy water) located in a baptismal fonts should be returned to the ground upon emptying the font.  However a tub or receptacle used to immerse a human during baptism contains blessed water that comes in contact with the human body.  Both these receptacles are defined as fixtures but are not listed in Table  

According to Sentence every fixture shall be connected to a sanitary drainage system with exceptions listed in clauses a) to g) and specifically clause c) which permits fixtures that discharge clear water waste may be connected to a storm drainage system.

1. Would the Code technical committee have opinions or experience regarding the discharge of holy water to a place of disposal?
2. Would the holy water located in a tub type receptacle as mentioned above be considered as sewage or clear water waste?

Interpretation: (On. Reg. 403/97) 1. Those on the committee that have some experience with these types of fixtures have not had any concerns with discharging to sanitary, one of our members even had them discharge to a Class 2 sewage system independently from the other sanitary drainage system in the building.

2. It seems apparent that in Part 1 of the Building Code the discharge from these fixtures would fall under sanitary sewage however we do agree that the waste water from these fixtures also comply with clear water waste definition so I guess if the connection to the sanitary drainage system was an issue we would not have any concerns applying