05-07 BCIN # with C of Q

Question: 05-07Code Section: 7Date:OBC 2006 Reference:

1. Under the new code, will a licensed plumber with a C of Q be required to have a BCIN # issued by the Ministry of Housing?
2. If yes, under what circumstances will they require the BCIN number?
3. Does this constitute designing? The plumber has not submitted a drawing to the Municipality. Does the plumber have to have a BCIN # for plumbing house?                

As we all know, for a SFD (single family dwelling) a plumber does not submit a drawing unless requested by an inspector or part of the requirements to obtain a permit by the municipality.  They simply determine on site the layout of the piping system and install it without a mechanical piping drawing.  Would this statement be true?

On the other hand, a plumber in other types of occupancies may design build the plumbing system & may be required to submit drawings for review.  In this case I believe the plumber submitting the drawing would require to be certified with a BCIN # for Plumbing All Buildings.  To obtain it they would require Plumbing All Buildings and the Legal.  Would this statement be true?

Another foreseeable question that comes to mind is; if a design is supplied by an engineer or designer with a BCIN # to design plumbing systems.  The plumber with a C of Q without a BCIN # would be required to install it exactly as the design indicates.  The plumber would not have the ability to alter the design.  For example, instead of back venting a shower the plumber decides to wet vent the shower through the lavatory.  I as the inspector would have two options, I could require the designer to confirm that the installation is acceptable and possibly have an as construct drawing submitted or I could accept the installation as installed because it complies with the OBC.  In my opinion, accepting the installation would make me not only the inspector but now, also the designer. 

(On. Reg. 403/97) Part 2 of the OBC (Danny to provide).