04-44 Cleanout on vertical change of direction

Question: 04-44Code Section: 7Date:OBC 2006 Reference:;

Question: Is a cleanout required on a vertical change of direction on a building sewer?  Reference and

Interpretation:  (On. Reg. 403/97) states that a cleanout is required at each change in direction (vertical or horizontal) that is GREATER than 45o.  However, when cleanouts are manholes there would appear to be a discrepancy. states that a manhole is required at all changes in grade.  Of course the manhole requirement ( comes into play in our decision and unless this building sewer is 8″, we would Not require (or consider) the manhole requirement at the change in grade regardless of city requirement for manhole at property.  There may be other factors that come in play when there are elevation changes found in OPSD specs requiring drop structures to accomplish such elevation changes.  So, if the building sewer is less than 8″, no cleanout is required but if the building sewer is 8″ or larger then a manhole is required at the change in grade.

Note:  Some of us have difficulty with the interpretation of change in grade and change in direction greater than 45 degrees and vertical vs horizontal.  We have been asked what is the definition of changes in grade and unless someone defines it from the Ministry we will continue to have variety of interpretations.  Is grade slope 1/8 per foot to 1/4 per foot or is it elevation 2″ to 18″? Or both?

When 2 fittings are used to change direction in a sanitary building sewer (regardless if these fittings are only 45 o each), some will argue that the change in the building sewer is greater than 45 degrees and, therefore, applies.

We feel it more than appropriate to re introduce the term abrupt change in the cleanout section as per Reg 901/90, Sentences 4.7.1.(1), (7) and (8) in an effort to better explain the intent of

We understand the definition of vertical and horizontal as defined in Part 1 of the OBC.  However, we believe the inquirer could be trying to establish a difference in problems between an horizontal offset and a vertical offset and that maybe we would not require cleanouts in vertical offsets but would definitely require them in horizontal offsets?

So, although we have given you our collective answers you can see from the note that we have more questions pertaining to these issues. The cleanout Article should be revisited by the Ministry in order to clarify the intent.