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For over 60 years, Canadian owned and operated Waterline has designed and developed innovative code-compliant products for easier plumbing installations. Serving the hardware, home centre and plumbing wholesale industries across Canada since 1953.


There is only one true SharkBite. The very best in Push-To-Connect Plumbing solutions. Learn more about the newest SharkBite products.


Install a bathroom, kitchen or laundry anywhere without any major construction.


We welcome you to a new generation of backwater valves…. taking sewer backflow technology to extraordinary heights. Understandably, our vision statement was an easy one to establish…..’setting a new standard’….


LynCar stocks thousands of items for the service plumber. New construction, plumbing repairs, renovation work—LynCar has the right product mix to ensure we have the item you need WHEN you need it! From hard to find specialty items to everyday use items, LynCar is ready to ship with a phone call to our office or …

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