Pipes and Fittings

09-11 Valving suites

Question: 09-11 Code Section: 7 Date: 9 September 2009 OBC 2006 Reference: Question submitted: (Here is) a question about valving in suites of residential occupancy. says “shut off valves” SHALL be installed as may be necessary to ensure that when the supply to one suite is shut off the supply to the rest …

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05-12 Trap guard pro set

Question: 05-12 Code Section: 7 Date: OBC 2006 Reference: Question: Can you confirm if Trap Guard Pro Set Systems is acceptable for traps – not primed? Interpretation: (On. Reg. 403/97) Yes, BMEC has approved a Trap Guard as a primer with some conditions applied (see the BMEC ruling).

05-11 Exposed T-trap

Question: 05-10 Code Section: 7 Date: OBC 2006 Reference: Question: Have you heard about T traps used in situations where the trap is exposed, chrome plated and are they approved? Interpretation: (ON. Reg 403/97) No, we have never heard of a T Trap.