14-07 Trap arm

Question: 14-07Code Section: 7Date: 3 April 2013OBC 2012 Reference:

Interpretation: Location of Vent Pipes
(2) The trap arm of water closets, S-trap standards or any other fixture that also discharges vertically and depends on siphonic action for its proper functioning shall not have a cumulative change in direction of more than 225°.

It is the opinion of the CTC that the wye fitting does not count in determining the cumulative direction change.

Refer to definition of Trap arm; means that portion of a fixture drain between the trap weir and the vent pipe fitting. In the supplied examples, the wye is the vent pipe fitting, this is also clearly reflected in the drawings referenced in the Appendix notes, A- found in the Illustrated Code Series for Plumbing.

Interpretation: Approved at AMES