13-19 Clear water waste

Question: 13-19Code Section: 7Date: 21 October 2013OBC 2006 Reference:

Question Submitted: Can you connect fixtures discharging clear water waste to storm and do they require a check valve. The only one listed is a drinking fountain.

Interpretation: Any fixture that complies with the definition of clear water waste may connect to a storm drainage system. Clear water waste means waste water containing no impurities or contaminants that are harmful to a person’s health, plant or animal life or that impair the quality of the natural environment. fixtures or plumbing appliances , other than floor drains, except as provided in Sentence, that discharge only clear water waste may be connected to a storm drainage system. drinking fountains may be, connected to a storm drainage system provided that where the system is subject to backflow, a check valve is installed in the fountain waste pipe,

If the fixture is located in an area of the building that is subject to backflow, below the level of the adjoining street, the requirements of should be considered.