11-07 Pedicure chair

Question: 11-07Code Section: 7Date: 5 April 2011OBC 2006 Reference:

Question Submitted:
Pedicure chairs are becoming very common. They are not usually certified for plumbing or
electrical. There is usually no form of backflow protection designed into the chair. Therefore it
becomes the installer’s responsibility. The question is what hazard rating should these chairs
have and how should they be isolated.

Based on its use as a commercial fixture, contaminants such as foot fungus, discharge from
festering pustules or other infectious material, there is a potential to be a severe hazard.

For units with a spout making use of a proper air gap, the criteria for a severe hazard is met.

For units that incorporate a handheld spraying device the severe hazard can only be resolved
with an R.P. Installed separately on both the hot and cold supplies to each individual chair.

Note: The CTC recognize that this is a controversial issue that needs to be clarified at the
National and Provincial Code level.