11-05 Fixture standards

Question: 11-05Code Section: 7Date: 14 March 2011OBC 2006 Reference:;;

Question Submitted: The Building Code requires that vitreous china , enamelled cast iron, porcelain enamelled steel, stainless steel and plastic plumbing fixtures shall conform to the CAN/CSA B45 standard. Is there a standard or a requirement for fixtures manufactured from cultured marble or other materials that are not listed in ?

Are we to assume that all plumbing fixtures that are installed in a plumbing system are to be
certified or conform to a recognized standard ?

Interpretation: This matter came up before regarding silgranite kitchen sinks. Which turned out to be forms of
granite, silgranite, cultured marble etc., this ground up material was mixed with resin, mostly
resin, forming the fixture and therefore was considered a plastic fixture which was to meet
CAN/CSA – B 45.5.

One would assume that “manufactured” fixtures shall conform to some type of standard, but
those not listed are not required to comply with a standard. Therefore must comply to,,,