10-28 Private services

Question: 10-28Code Section: 7Date: 15 November 2010OBC 2012 Reference:

Question Submitted: Have you run across any problems with separate water service and building sewers?? OBC Building Code indicates that you cannot connect to private sewers/water when not on same
property?? Do other areas in the province enter into an agreement registered on title as the appendix
suggests?? If not could you please send this out for comment for me as we are trying to solve??

Interpretation: Separate services (water/sanitary) on same property occurs periodically and there are
generally not many problems that arise if the design correctly incorporates the requirements of requires piping to any buildings not within the same property limits to be separately
connected to a public service. However if another building that is located within the same
property limit and is ancillary to the principal building then it (the ancillary building) may be
served by the same services.

If any agreement was to be registered on title for the properties (for easement) as alluded to in
the appendix notes, this would be up to the authority having jurisdiction to approve, as the
appendix is not an enforceable part of the code.