10-25 Trap angle

Question: 10-25Code Section: 7Date: 26 October 2010OBC 2006 Reference: (1)(a),

Question Submitted:

Please see the attached photo, I feel that the trap angle may compromise the trap seal. There are four traps, two service the laundry room 2″drain and two service the showers 2″ drain, any help and code references would be greatly appreciated.

Interpretation: Every trap requires to maintain a minimum trap seal depth of 38mm as per OBC (1)(a).

The code does not specify the position for the trap to be installed although in order to function properly it has to be in a vertical position. By installing the trap on a 45′ angle it is still deemed to be nominally vertical. It would be the responsibility of the installer to verify the minimum trap seal depth has not been compromised.