09-10 Centre outlet waste fitting

Question: 09-10Code Section: 7Date: 25 August 2009OBC 2006 Reference:

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Centre outlet waste fittings are required when a lavatory is NOT equipped with an overflow and the Appendix defines this term as a grid drain, now my question has to do with a lavatory that has an overflow and is equipped with a “grid drain” Can I fail this installation? if yes under what section?

Note: I went looking at the wholesalers to see if, one, there were grid drains designed to accept overflows (the answer is yes), if there were any distinguishing marks between the two (answer is no)

There is a ruling, back in 2003, addressing the issue of installing a regular pop-up drain in a lavatory without an overflow and because this term “centre outlet waste fitting” is not defined, the lawyers had a field day with that requirement so I believe that needs to be strengthened.

Since “centre outlet waste fitting” is not known even in the trade of plumbing I recommend that we do away with that wording and with a grid drain but we must clarify that the grid drain must not have the openings for an overflow. Do you agree?

No. A Patented Outlet or P.O. is for a basin with an overflow. A Centre Outlet or C.O. is for a basin without an overflow.

Fitting Interpretation: Approved at AMES 2009