09-09 Waste pipe offset

Question: 09-09Code Section: 7Date: 12 August 2009OBC 2006 Reference:

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A kitchen sink waste has a horizontal section of 38′ where 19′ run parallel to the joists and the next 19′ run perpendicular to the joist. Now when the pipe changes direction the plumber dropped down using 2 -90º bends.

My question has to do with, the plumber is claiming that because he has a vertical offset and that section in code deals with horizontal pipe it should not apply.

I do not agree and told him that although he had in fact a vertical offset that the pipe in question was still horizontal for 38′ . How say you and the rest of the guys? Waste Pipe means a sanitary drainage pipe that carries the discharge from a fixture directly to a waste stack, soil stack, sanitary building drain, branch or sewage system. The situation described is not unlike an island sink, where the entire run of waste pipe would have to be considered when applying

Therefore a cleanout is required on the fixture drain/trap arm of the kitchen sink and then every 6 metres until that drain terminates into a soil or waste stack.

Interpretation: Approved at AMES 2009