08-33 Water closet compliance

Question: 08-33Code Section: 7Date: 10 September 2009OBC 2006 Reference:

Question: Attached (are) pictures of a water closet. Would the ASME, A112.19 standard noted on the sticker of this water closet be acceptable to verify compliance with requirements of Our code makes reference to CSA Standards and not any other standards.

Interpretation: The intent of the “c” designator on the “c-UPC” mark is to indicate certification of the product by IAPMO to the appropriate Canadian standard. In this case (ie. vitreous china) toilet, it is intended to indicate compliance to CSA Standard B45 Series. Of note, at the IAPMO’s website, under the search with “Vortens” you come up with a number of different manufacturers using that brand or trade name. One would need to know the model number to narrow it down further. On another note, their certification listings indicate that the certification marking may be placed on a consumer-removable label. This is a little bit unusual and further review of the notes will be required to properly verify that they may also allow their mark to be applied in a permanent manner in a non-visible location (but this may be included within a certification report). In the US, there is a requirement that the product must bear reference to the standard that the product complies with. In Canada, we don’t have this as a requirement for all products (notable exceptions are gas-fired appliances and equipment).

Pending Interpretation: (tentative)