08-29 Roof drain standards

Question: 08-29Code Section: 7Date: 23 October 2007OBC 2006 Reference:,,

Question: Are roof drains required to conform or comply to any written standard?

Interpretation: – Roof Drain means a fitting or device installed in a roof. The next step would be to determine the material of the roof drain. – Drainage piping, vent piping and fittings made of cast iron shall be certified to CAN/CSA-B70 – Every length of pipe and every fitting shall have cast, stamped or indelibly marked on it the maker’s name or mark and the weight or class or quality of the product, or it shall be marked in accordance with the relevant standard, and such markings shall be visible after installation.

Any other material that a roof drain could be made of would also have to comply to the relevant standard for that material. However when looking at, there are no mentions of roof drains or compliance to any standards.

One manufacturer informed the Code Technical Committee (CTC) that there is no standard for roof drains. There is also an understanding between manufacturers to make their parts compatible.

Interpretation: Approved at AMES 2009