08-21 Granite kitchen sink

Question: 08-21Code Section: 7Date: 2 April 2008OBC 2006 Reference:;

Question: (A manufacturer/distributor) sold a granite kitchen sink to a plumber who installed it in a new house and the plumbing inspector is refusing to turn the water on and allow occupancy due to no CSA sticker on the sink. Now, there is no standard for stoneware sinks or basins that I can find.

Interpretation: Division A, Characteristics of Materials, Appliances, Systems and Equipment (1) All materials, appliances, systems and equipment installed to meet the requirements of this Code shall possess the necessary characteristics to perform their intended functions when installed in a building. Division C, Tests (1) Where no published test method to establish the suitability of an alternative solution proposed under Article exists, then the tests used for the purposes of that Article shall be designed to simulate or exceed anticipated service conditions or shall be designed to compare the performance of the material or system with a similar material or system that is known to be acceptable. (2) The results of tests or evaluations based on test standards other than as described in this Code may be used for the purposes of Sentence (1) if the alternate test standards provide comparable results. Officials may request permit applicants to obtain either an ORD or a TIL.

Interpretation: Approved at AMES 2008 (Code Change Proposal Pending)