08-20 Waterless urinals

Question: 08-20Code Section: 7Date: 31 March 2008OBC 2006 Reference:;

Question: I would like to know what type of conditions do you add to the permit when someone applies for a permit to install a waterless urinal. How are they getting away with installing waterless urinals when tells me that urinals must conform to Article, and that Article deals with certification and flush cycles? I have seen a BMEC ruling for one type of noflush urinal (Matrix) it says that said fixture conforms to but does not really address certification and I have seen a test report from IAPMO that says that Models ZF-201 and ZF- 101 from Zero Flush Inc complied with the applicable requirements of CSA TIL MSE-43, don’t know if this means compliance or conformance to

Interpretation: As for your question about 7.6.2, they do meet sentence (1). The BMEC ruling mentions waterless may be used where urinals are required to meet Please request for the proof of certification to CSA B45 and a letter from the owner for the installation and maintenance requirements of the proposed fixtures before the issuance of a permit. In general, CSA B45 does offer certification for the waterless urinals. The water free urinals require more frequent cleaning (as indicated within their installation manuals) and this could affect the overall water savings that the building owner was intending to achieve. This should be addressed with the building owners and the majority of problems related to water free urinal usage will lie with improper cleaning and maintenance. If they end up being a problem later, it would be put down as a maintenance issue and the building owner would be responsible to keep the surrounding air up to a good standard of quality.

Interpretation: Approved at AMES 2008