08-18 Cast iron flanges

Question: 08-18Code Section: 7Date: 7 August 2008OBC 2006 Reference:,,

Question: I have been asked by our waterworks division if cast iron flanges are acceptable as companion flanges for water meter installations. I have attached the sentences from the code that in my opinion address the question. In my opinion the fittings would have to be cement lined which would be extremely difficult for a flange, probably non-existent. (see The alternative of using brass or bronze flanges adds an extreme additional cost to the price of a water meter.

Interpretation: The water meter and its installation falls under The meter, including the water purveyor’s requirements. Water meters would have to meet the applicable ANSI, AWWA (AWWA M6Standard entitled, “Water Meters – Selection, Installation, Testing and Maintenance”) or CWWA Standards based on Subsection 2.1.1., Documentation or Alternative Solutions, Part 2 of Division C of the 2006 Building Code. There is not a standard available for the companion flanges, nor is one likely to find flanges suitably lined or Ductile flanges to meet the mentioned requirements.

Interpretation: Approved at AMES 2008