08-08 Backflow device installation

Question: 08-08Code Section: 7Date: 21 February 2008OBC 2006 Reference:

Question: Would the committee respond to the following? 1. Is there a regulation that prevents a certified plumber from installing backflow devices? 2. If so, under which Authority is it regulated? 3. Where a Municipality has a Bylaw for Backflow prevention in place, can the Bylaw require a Building permit to have a Backflow prevention device installed? 4. Further to #3., who is responsible to enforce the requirements of a Backflow Prevention Bylaw?

1. The potable water supply up to and including a backflow prevention device that is installed as part of a Plumbing System would have to be installed by a Certified Plumber.

2. The authority to stop anyone from installing any connection to a plumbing system falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour under the Trades Qualification Act.

3. The Municipal By-Law can mention the fact that a Building Permit is required for the installation of backflow prevention devices. The Building Code Act provides each municipality with the authority to establish whether a permit would or would not be required for the installation of a backflow prevention device regardless of a municipal by-law being in place or not.

4. New installations require a permit to be obtained, while a By-Law requiring an installation to an existing system would constitute a material alteration to the plumbing system and, therefore, require a permit to be taken out prior to commencing work, all of which would be the plumbing inspector’s responsibility. The enforcement of the By-Law would be by whoever is appointed by the municipality (the water purveyor) to enforce the by-law.

Interpretation: Approved at AMES 2008