07-45 Additions to plumbing systems

Question: 07-45Code Section: 7Date: 23 October 2007OBC 2006 Reference:,

Question: When doing additions to an existing plumbing system there was a section that covered this connection to the existing system, and if the addition (affected) the existing plumbing in any way it had to be altered. The section was of the old code. In the new code that section is not there. I checked iv. A part 1. In this div., talks about existing buildings and only the “extensions” have to (meet) code with some exemptions. One of which is But wait, it’s not there. If the addition increases the pipe size, (where) is our enforcement in black and white?

Interpretation: According to the Building Code Act, the definition of “building” includes plumbing. The old requirement was removed in the 2006 Building Code because of the new Divisions formatting. Refer to articles of Division A, Part 1 and of Division B,
Part 11 of the 2006 Building Code requirements as necessary.

Interpretation: Approved at AMES 2008