06-40 Head water test

Question: 06-40Code Section: 7Date: 19 October 2008OBC 2006 Reference:

Question: appears to have a significant change to the wording in the 2006 code. The new code requires that where a water test is made, it shall be done with a 3.0 metre head. A(n OPIA) Branch opinion from May 15, 1995 suggests a 5 foot head is standard practice (and in so acknowledging this as being standard practice, it would seem reasonable that it is acceptable to the OPIA Branch).

1. What does your municipality presently require for a water test?

2. Will you be changing this practice to require a water test with a 3.0 metre head on January 1, 2007?

Interpretation: 1. Prior to April 1st/07, the standard practice in most municipalities was for a 5-foot water column on an underground test and over the vent terminal for the rough-in test.

2. The new code requires a 3 metre head for a hydrostatic test. However, the Ministry has agreed that a test at the roof vent terminal is sufficient as this is the maximum pressure exerted on a DWV plumbing system (see A06-36).