06-34 Manholes inside a building

Question: 06-34Code Section: 7Date:OBC 2006 Reference:

Question: It would appear from the new wording in that manholes are required inside the building where storm drainage piping is 8″ or larger. Would manholes also be required where the storm building drain entered the building 10″ in size and then upstream at the first RWL branch where it was reduced to 8″?

Interpretation: The Code Technical Committee agrees that the wording in the Ont Reg 349/06, “Manholes shall be located at changes of grade, size or alignment (except for curvilinear alignment) on a storm building sewer or storm drainage piping that is 8 in. or larger in size” would therefore require a manhole inside or outside a building on piping 8” or larger. The C.T.C. will be sending a code change to the Ministry to address “exterior zones of the building only”.