06-32 Elevator shaft drainage

Question: 06-32Code Section: 7Date:OBC 2006 Reference:;

Question submitted: Based on section of the 1997 OBC and on section of the 2006 OBC, would the detail of the elevator pit be an approved method of removing fluids from an elevator shaft. The detail is showing a 100 mm pipe connected to the bottom of the elevator pit, and if any water collects in the shaft, a pump intake can be inserted down the pipe and the fluids can be pumped out

Interpretation: of the 2006 OBC refers to section 2.7 of the CSA B44 “Safety Code for Elevators” The following B44 Elevator Code requirements identify permanent provisions to prevent the accumulation of water in the elevator pit. The design provided does not meet these criteria as water would accumulate and then be pumped out when and if discovered.

CSA B44 – Permanent provisions shall be made to prevent accumulation of ground water in the pit (see

CSA B44 – Drains and sump pumps, where provided, shall comply with the applicable plumbing code, and they shall be provided with a positive means to prevent water, gases, and odors from entering the hoistway.

CSA B44 – In elevators provided with Firefighters‘ Emergency Operation, a drain or sump pump shall be provided.

CSA B44 – Sumps and sump pumps in pits, where provided, shall be covered. The cover shall be secured and level with the pit floor.