06-30 Fire protection

Question: 06-30Code Section: 7Date:OBC 2006 Reference:,

Question submitted: A drainage system for a Single Family Dwelling Unit goes through a floor from a room above the attached garage. Does this drainage system need to be insulated and boxed in with fire protection? Or just insulated no fire protection, or none of the above? Could you give me code section with your answer so I can remember it for the next time?

Interpretation: (1) States “Where piping may be exposed to freezing conditions it shall be protected from frost.” Adds ” the construction between the garage and the dwelling unit provides an effective barrier to gas and exhaust fumes” The Code Technical Committee agrees that the piping should be insulated and the garage fume-proofed but a storage garage that serves only the dwelling unit to which it is attached or built in, no fire protection is required.