06-29 Cleanout location

Question: 06-29Code Section: 7Date:OBC 2006 Reference:

Question: Our Public Works Department is concerned about problems they have had while rodding out building sewers from inside a residence when the building drain passes through the foundation wall more than two feet above the basement floor; apparently the rod gets caught on the cleanout fitting because of its height. The suggestion has been made that in such cases, when the building sewer and drain are installed, the cleanout fitting be placed immediately at the exterior of the foundation wall. Would a single cleanout placed immediately on the outside of the foundation wall meet the requirements of

Interpretation: By an overwhelming decision on a vote by the 2006 Annual Meeting and Educational Seminar delegates the code technical committee took another look at it and a Code Change Proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to add into the Appendix Notes “A – Cleanouts are permitted to be installed inside or outside as close as practical to where the drain leaves the building.”