05-20 Water heater in travel trailer

Question: 05-20Code Section:Date: 28 September 2008OBC Reference:

A plumber needs to replace a water heater in a travel trailer, the trailer itself is not moved around but it could be if the owner wanted to move to another park.  Does the water temperature requirement in the code apply to this replacement?

(On. Reg 403/97) What appears to be a simple question turns out to be more complex than first thought.  Travel trailers that are designed and constructed in compliance with CAN/CSA-Z240 Series and bear a certification mark are deemed to comply with this code as per  Therefore, the simple answer is the OBC does not apply in this instance.  BUT, where it becomes complicated is that Sentence (3) states that “The requirements of this Code shall apply to building components designed and constructed outside the place of manufacture.”  

Should the trailer be connected to services that are permanent, the plumbing would be considered as a building as per the definition found in the BCA and thus, require a permit for the replacement of the water heater. This is dependant upon whether your municipality requires permits for that type of construction and compliance to the Code is mandatory.  However, if this trailer is seasonal, does not have permanent connection to plumbing supply systems, is moved in the fall, then we would tend to think that the OBC has no jurisdiction.

Interpretation: Approved at AMES