05-15 Access to trap in finished room

Question: 05-15Code Section: 7Date:OBC Reference:

Question: If a c.o. was added in the fixture outlet pipe would an access door under the trap in a finished room still be required? 

Interpretation: (On. Reg. 403/97) This question keeps popping up every so often and again it is not that we do not understand the code requirement but rather because it is impractical to enforce so we design our own compliance alternative to meet the intent of the code.  

Except for the T on its back in this drawing (which is an infraction see it was reviewed and agreed at one of the conferences during the Hot Seat that the above installation has proven to meet the developed length requirement and with the cleanout in the fixture outlet pipe it meets the intent of accessibility. The problem with accepting compliance alternatives is that uniformity of enforcement is jeopardized depending on varying factors, inspector’s adaptability, experience and whether he/she is a member of this Association or not.

Note:  As stated, it is impractical to enforce and since island sinks are here to stay and plumbers and inspectors are continually forced to install and accept some designs that do not comply with code but meet intent, it would be appropriate to propose a code amendment to address this particular plumbing practice so that we can all reference the same information and legalize what is already happening.

Experience will have some impact on the design as some of the committee members stated that socket (unionized) traps should not be used when garburators and dishwashers are installed as they tend to vibrate and loosen the union causing damage, others have stated that the piping configuration should be considered so as not to trap long objects such as knives… and how do we deal with the lost rings when we do not have access to the trap.