05-10 Brass drainage system

Question: 05-10Code Section: 7Date:OBC 2006 Reference:

Question: Our plumber has been using this (brass) drainage system in many buildings, is there any code violations?  How should this be rectified?

Interpretation: (On. Reg 403/97) What would appear to be a simple question turns out to be quite involving.  You could find code violations in a few places starting with the materials, they must be certified to CSA B125 and this you can find in then the minimum size of the fixture outlet pipe is determined in Table you will see here that a 2 comp sink is listed as 1-½” then if you turn to the Section regarding piping and the construction and use of joints (

Nowhere will you find that silicone is an acceptable form of connecting piping in the plumbing system and last but not least tells us that the trap serving the kitchen sink must be provided with a cleanout plug or be designed so that part of the trap can be completely removed by screwed connections and unless you comply with the latter you must install a cleanout in the fixture drain serving the kitchen sink as per Any non compliance to any of the above requirements would necessitate correction.