04-47 Cleanout fitting at storm drain

Question: 04-47Code Section: 7Date:OBC 2006 Reference:

Question: The storm building drain is 24″ in diameter and serviced with 4″ cleanouts. Can the fitting at the building drain that connects the cleanout to the drain be a tee or must it be a wye ? (fitting would be 24″ X 24″ X 4″)

Interpretation: (On. Reg. 403/97) states that cleanouts capable of rodding in one direction only shall be installed to rod in the direction of flow. states that a T fitting shall not be used in a drainage system except to connect a vent pipe. So the strict interpretation is the fitting must be a wye.

Note:  Although those words in the code are quite explicit and do not leave much room for interpretation we are probably all guilty of passing in line cleanouts on the horizontal (provided there is no extension added or that the extension does not exceed…depends on what type of experience we all have).

Some plumbers would love the opportunity to rod upstream as well as downstream, service plumbers are the best persons to advise on this issue. If inspectors are not enforcing the code as it is written it makes it very difficult to achieve uniformity throughout the province.

It does not help or provide a service to anyone in the industry if everyone knows what the Code says but we each do our own thing. So if we are accepting other alternatives, lets try and put words to it and legalize current practice. We want to encourage our Associate members to voice their opinion on this matter by contacting anyone on the Code Technical Committee or of the Executive so that we may propose something to the Ministry. The  Ministry has indicated that if anyone wishes to propose an amendment to the regulations pertaining to this issue that they would welcome it.