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Question: 09-03 Code Section: 7 Date: 14 February 2009

OBC 2006 Reference:,,

Question: Is this illustration acceptable to code?


1. Permitted - the floor drain served by the Laundry Tub. determines the minimum sizes wet vents, so the 4" extending above grade with a cleanout where the wet vent continues is permitted although connected to the vertical section by a TY to serve the Laundry Tub’s continuous vent.

2. Not-Permitted - the floor drain served by the Kitchen Sink has a double offset. Change the Ty to a Wye and 450 to correct. Also a Cleanout is required.

3. Permitted - the floor drain connected to the branch downstream of the 3-inch stack.

Drain Interpretation: Approved at AMES 2009 


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