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Question: 05-23 Code Section: 7 Date: OBC 2006 Reference:

Question: I am a contractor in TO and was called into a Restaurant and asked to correct the existing installation for the sink (single compartment) and urinal.  The existing sink has a 1-1/4" drain and the urinal an 1-1/2" and the piping was PVC.

In order to comply OBC and plumbing code, we have replaced the PVC with copper drainage piping and up sized the Urinal drain to a 2" pipe. The sink's P-trap was kept at 1-1/4" but was then up sized and connected with Y to the 2" drain for the urinal. Approx 2 percent slope was given to the piping.

Due to space limitations, we had to use 2 - 45 elbow fittings in order to connect the 2" urinal drain to the Y fitting on the vent.  By code are there any restrictions on the number of fittings on drainage piping downstream of the urinal to the sanitary (Cast Iron) below?  I cannot find anything in the OBC on this?  Is there anything that the plumbing code might specify on this?

Interpretation: (On. Reg. 403/97) Not knowing the piping configuration, the number of bends may come into play if a portion of the piping is defined as fixture drain, that is, change of direction between trap and vent. Downstream of the vent, there are no restrictions.

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